Korean Iron Girl

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No.1 Prostyle-catfight movie in the world. Korean Irongirl Match official home page


Korean Irongirl Match Se.4 - Re-W.in.D Ep.1


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New Season's Coming with more beautiful actress and powerful action!

The most powerful villian YERI is back, Athena, the leader of baddy team, who was disapeared from W.in.D since she give the palm to MIRAE.

She is return for her revenge to W.in.D and MIRAE, who kick her out of the match. and has already breack a couple of wrestling studio with powerful fighting force to come to W.in.D.
and Rena, the best pupil of YERI, and the heroines of W.in.D who fighting with them
Now it is the war to begin!!

Include moves - Piledriver, Tombstone piledriver, powerbomb, Backbreaker(Knee/shoulder), boston crab, cobra twist, camel clutch, muscle buster, Backdrop, enzuigiri, Dropkick and much more!
(contains English Subtitles)
(Next ep2 will be released on 14th April)

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Download Clip - (HD) Episode1
(HD) Episode1
  • Length : 75 mins
  • Price : $22.00 US



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